Marks and Spencer

Are you looking for a shop with extend olden times and tradition and the retailer which trade only the best value things? At the moment, you have found it – the right area for doing your shopping. You are in a right place in right time.
The retailer is called Marks and Spencer and it is one of the oldest and popular locations in the United Kingdom. The retailers are located in London and in many locations on the world. There are over 1000 stores in the UK and 240 in another parts on the world. Marks and Spencer large store is available in 34 countries worldwide. sale5

The shop has been established in 1884 by Sir Michael Marks, a Belarusian Jew. Marks came to England in 1882. He began to live in Leeds where he established a 1st shop. Then he founded the Marks store in 1884 and 10 years later Marks found a co-worker – Thomas Spencer and since 1894 the corporation is called Marks and Spencer. Nonetheless, today the individuals call it only – Marks. At present, Marks and Spencer is a valuable brand in Great Britain’s heritage.

The business is well-known in the Great Britain and there you are able to buy all you want. Marks and Spencer puts on the market clothing goods for ladies, men and kids and even for elderly people. In this department retailer you will also buy lingerie, goods for house as well as food and wine.

Furthermore, Marks and Spencer possesses its own bank which offers suitable and beneficial credits for their shoppers. There is also an opportunity to get mortgage for buying house or flat.
In December Marks and Spencer offers marks and spencer voucher codes which enable you to get products from the shop less expensive. You can even obtain 30% discount for purchasing items. How to get the discount codes? Here are two ways to of getting the promo codes.

The first one is receiving the voucher during your regular shopping and the second way is shopping periodical. The bargain codes are put in March issue of the trendy and shopping newspaper.
Learn today what Marks and Spencer has in its offer and become a client of one of the most popular department shop in the Great Britain – Marks and Spencer.